Starting locally, expanding globally.


Putting Paper on the Cloud

Consolidation of Existing Analog Refugee Data

Today, billions of pages of refugee paper trails are stored in warehouses of volunteer and government offices, making it difficult to reveal the core underlying patterns that affect these millions of people. To better understand the paths of migrants and refugees, we must first create a way to visualize the mass amounts of data we collect about their journey. Using optical character recognition technology, our platform will help organizations take existing refugee forms and consolidate them in a digital, centralized, database. With the application of machine learning analysis on top of this data, our system will highlight changing trends in immigration patterns around the world to help influence future transition plans for refugees who are embracing their new homes.

Digitizing a Dated Process with a FAMILIAR flare

Looking forward into the future, we hope to lead a revolution in collecting refugee immigration data using modern digitized forms. Instead of filling out lengthy documentation by hand, we allow volunteers and new migrants to fill out their documentation online.


Building Networks


Leveraging Local Volunteering Networks

Using our intelligent pairing algorithm, refugees can request to be matched with personal support from existing local volunteer outlets within their new communities. By creating a direct link between those seeking help, and those who can provide help, our system encourages new migrants to build real world connections with others around them.

 bridging the gap between refugees and Organization

DUO Collegare crafts a personalized pathway for each migrant and refugee. After collecting some initial information about their journey, localized information packages and external resources are suggested to help guide their future journey. Many organizations offer discounted goods and services for refugees, but have challenges getting them in the hands of people who need it most. By offering these goods through our service, we can automatically present relevant offers to refugees in one centralized place.

Business Model

DUO Collegare will earn revenues from the following sources:

  • Refugees and/or sponsors (churches, mosques, etc. ) in North America can afford $50/month/person from the monthly allowance

  • From government or sponsors of $1000/month/person

  • Revenue sharing involving diaspora and our partners (coding/entrepreneurship, training programs, and solar/internet infrastructure)

Our Partners