Connecting with 10 million migrants and refugees bY 2020.



There is growing global awareness by the United Nations, international aid and development NGOs, refugees-and-migrants challenge, and Pope Francis that the magnitude of the refugees and migrant challenge is outpacing current fragmented solutions. Clearly, a nimble, collaborative, scalable, fast, cost-effective paradigm shift to “peace through commerce” is urgently required.   


DUO Collegare envisions becoming a leading global ecosystem and platform to assist more than 10 million refugees and migrants by 2020 through integrating, extending, and scaling existing multiple award-winning digital applications through local-to-distant diaspora and iNGOS.  


The DUO Collegare platform enriches refugees’ lives with support systems, which guide transitions into new communities in the developed world or improve success for the far greater number who are forced to live in camps. Our services empower refugees and migrants to develop new  skills, connect with others, and adapt to cultural differences.

How We Work


Over the past few years, we have carefully listened to our true-refugee team (Francis and James), and other NGOs, agencies, and refugees to do requirements gathering and needs analysis. We've traveled to eleven countries in our search to learn about the challenge, and pondered a myriad of possible solutions . We have discovered that there is a demand for quality digital resources to assist refugees in improving their language skills, discovering relevant careers, and connecting with local and distant support systems.


Each day we strive to create a connected suite of A.I. powered services that will intelligently curate personalized paths for each refugee and ease their transition into new communities around the world. Through the consolidation of dispersed paper data and deep integration of partner teaching services, DUO Collegare places key refugee resources into one centralized home for all to access.


It’s in our name. DUO stands for "Do Unto Others" and Collegare is "Connect" in Italian. DUO Collegare connects the “dots”

Our platform provides digital bridges that connect to helpful resources, including digital modules involving in language skills, job skills, agriculture, internet, computer programming, solar, sewing and international development.


We have a strong team of 11 past Hult Prize participants, 3 Rhodes Scholars and 3 Vatican Hackathon participants.

We plan to scale through our focused partner network including five global award-winning organizations. Their senior managers are all very supportive of our Vision to reach 10 million refugees and migrants by 2020. We are testing our platform locally and developing diaspora clusters to scale globally.


“To change the world we must be good to those who cannot repay us”

Francis  |  Pope




Starting with Hult Prize 2011, DUO Collegare is the result of countless pivots, evolution, and field-tested adjustments involving thousands of hours and constant vigilance in searching for needed “dots”. We met local diaspora and aid agencies, and traveled internationally to Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Yemen, China, India, UAE, Italy (including Sant’ Egidio) , and USA. On our journey, we listened to people on site and carefully targeted a range of products to integrate into our platform. Hence, every piece of our platform is built on extensive onsite research performed locally and globally.


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